Order of Ish Sodi

This is an honorary title granted by the M.I.G.M. based on nominations by the councils. The order is conferred in recognition of outstanding service to Masonry in general and Cryptic Rite Masonry in particular and is limited to those who are not elected grand council officers.

Cryptic Mason of the Year

This honor is bestowed on a Companion who is from the “rank and file” and continuously works over and above the expectations of a member. This outstanding Select Master should be selected using the following criteria:

  1. Only one medal may be awarded annually to a Cryptic Mason in each affiliated Grand Council.
  2. Only one medal may be awarded triennially to a Cryptic Mason in each Constituent Council of the General Grand Council.
  3. Each Grand Council and each Constituent Council shall determine its own method of selecting the Cryptic Mason of the Year in its jurisdiction.
  4. No posthumous awards shall be made.
  5. The award shall be made only for exceptional and meritorious service to Cryptic Masonry above and beyond the call of duty. No Past or Present Grand Master, or any advancing line officer of a Grand Council shall be eligible for this award.
  6. The General Grand Recorder shall be given the Annual Awards Form for a Grand Council filled out in full by the Grand Recorder at least thirty (30) days in advance of the Grand Assembly (or date of presentation if different), forty-five (45) days if outside the continental United States. Constituent Councils shall give the form with the information of the selected Cryptic Mason at least six months prior to the next Triennial Assembly. These timelines allow for engraving, packaging and shipping, as well as some time for ensuring that all arrives as it should.
  7. The General Grand Recorder shall cause the name of the honoree to be engraved upon the medal and forwarded to the Grand Recorder or Recorder, as appropriate, at the earliest time following receipt of the completed forms.