The Allied Masonic Degrees

The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) is an international Masonic order that encompasses a collection of lesser-known but historically significant Masonic degrees. These degrees are not part of the mainstream Masonic rituals but are preserved and practiced within the AMD to maintain their unique teachings and traditions. The AMD emphasizes Masonic research, education, and the exploration of esoteric knowledge, offering members a deeper understanding of the broader Masonic heritage.

Membership in the AMD is by invitation only and is generally extended to Master Masons who are already members of a Royal Arch Chapter. The AMD consists of several degrees, each with its distinct rituals and symbolic lessons. Some of the notable degrees within the AMD include the Knight of Constantinople, St. Lawrence the Martyr, and the Secret Monitor, among others. Each degree delves into various aspects of Masonic philosophy, history, and morality, enriching the members’ Masonic journey.

The AMD provides a unique platform for Masons to engage in scholarly activities, including the presentation of research papers and participation in educational discussions. The order fosters a close-knit community of Masonic scholars and enthusiasts, promoting the exchange of ideas and the preservation of Masonic traditions. Through its dedication to education and historical preservation, the Allied Masonic Degrees play a vital role in the continual growth and enrichment of the Masonic fraternity.

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