Order of Knights Preceptor

The Order of Knights Preceptor is an honorary Masonic organization that focuses on the study and practice of the ancient chivalric traditions associated with the Knights Templar. The order aims to enhance the knowledge and leadership skills of its members, emphasizing the ideals of knighthood, service, and moral integrity. It provides a deeper exploration of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of Templarism, offering members a unique opportunity to further their Masonic journey.

Membership in the Order of Knights Preceptor is by invitation only and is extended to distinguished Knights Templar who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership within the Templar Order. The order is organized into Preceptories, which are the local units where members convene to conduct their ceremonies and engage in educational activities. These Preceptories are governed by a Grand Preceptory, which oversees the order’s activities and ensures the preservation of its traditions and standards.

The rituals and teachings of the Order of Knights Preceptor are designed to inspire members to live by the high ideals of chivalry and to uphold the principles of justice, courage, and humility. Through its ceremonies, lectures, and discussions, the order fosters a sense of brotherhood and mutual support among its members. It also provides a platform for members to develop their leadership abilities and to contribute positively to the broader Masonic and Templar communities. By honoring the legacy of the Knights Templar and promoting the values of knighthood, the Order of Knights Preceptor enriches the Masonic experience and cultivates a deeper appreciation of the noble ideals that define the Templar tradition.